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NostalgiaNostalgia A few years ago, I added a shortcut to this blog on my web browser favourites bar. I accidentally clicked it tonight and found out it still exists. Therein started a bizzare existential adventure whereby...

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A Premiere At Last! (My Toils Relearning Video Production)A Premiere At Last! (My Toils Relearning Video Production) In the last few months I've been asked/put myself forward to film and live stream some events. During my rather weirdly-spent youth, I was producing videos for my school of its plays and other staged...

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Why I Keep Banging On About Google - An UpdateWhy I Keep Banging On About Google - An Update Today is the 90th day since one of my sites was penalised by Google. Wanna know what that looks like? Take a look at this! One of the more frustrating things about this situation - and don't...

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Taking the downs with the ups...Taking the downs with the ups... It's been a while, and a blog is just for moments like this. Tempting though it is, a blog shouldn't be just for one's successes. If you don't include the failures you're painting a false picture. So...

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Free Speech is Dead (or it will be when I've bombed it)Free Speech is Dead (or it will be when I've bombed... Before I start - I want to admit I have a hard time putting my exact feelings on this subject into writing. Not because I'm not feeling 'free' enough to do so, but because I'm a computer networks graduate...

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BT are Forgiven

Posted by Pat | Posted in Observations / Life | Posted on 07-10-2010


A few days ago I had a nice cathartic massive rant about BTs inability to turn up to a set appointment. I had hoped by the end of Monday I’d be zipping along on the super duper information highway at the sort of speeds I remember getting in a Las Vegas hotel room about 3 years ago (sorry but the UK really is a bit backward considering how small an island we are).

Either way after a reassurance of a new appointment today, the engineer did indeed turn up on time (9.59am believe it or not, 1 minute left of the alloted time) and was in and out like a flash. No moan about the master socket – he replaced it, but kept it in the truncking in my office which is great. He had a reassuring geeky ponytail and I could talk nerdy with him. I made him a coffee. Everything worked first time, all is configured and this is how it looks!

So it’s now 11.22am. So I’ve had superfast fibre broadband for less than an hour. The engineer tells me my cabinet is about 100m away, and that I’m the 2nd out of 500 potential fibre connections coming from it. So, clearly, I expect things to slow down at some point.

For now, I’m happy, and all is forgiven, BT.

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