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NostalgiaNostalgia A few years ago, I added a shortcut to this blog on my web browser favourites bar. I accidentally clicked it tonight and found out it still exists. Therein started a bizzare existential adventure whereby...

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A Premiere At Last! (My Toils Relearning Video Production)A Premiere At Last! (My Toils Relearning Video Production) In the last few months I've been asked/put myself forward to film and live stream some events. During my rather weirdly-spent youth, I was producing videos for my school of its plays and other staged...

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Why I Keep Banging On About Google - An UpdateWhy I Keep Banging On About Google - An Update Today is the 90th day since one of my sites was penalised by Google. Wanna know what that looks like? Take a look at this! One of the more frustrating things about this situation - and don't...

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Taking the downs with the ups...Taking the downs with the ups... It's been a while, and a blog is just for moments like this. Tempting though it is, a blog shouldn't be just for one's successes. If you don't include the failures you're painting a false picture. So...

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Free Speech is Dead (or it will be when I've bombed it)Free Speech is Dead (or it will be when I've bombed... Before I start - I want to admit I have a hard time putting my exact feelings on this subject into writing. Not because I'm not feeling 'free' enough to do so, but because I'm a computer networks graduate...

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So, I started a little Blog…

Posted by Pat | Posted in 'Work' | Posted on 04-10-2010


Fuck me I’ve gone and done it.

Sorry about the swearing but I nearly started this Blog with the words “Hello World!” out of choice and realised how completely shit that would make me sound.

This, unbelievably, is a Blog that I done all by myself. In fact, that’s an utter utter lie, as it took me less than 20 minutes to buy webhosting, switch the DNS for the domain and install/configure WordPress.  God how the web has changed, and WOW how easy it is for anyone to do this. Why don’t they? I guess a lot do, actually and I’m a bit ignorant.

I last wrote in a personal blog in 2007, and previous to that had been writing on and off for nearly 10 years. It was on the LiveJournal platform and was merely a way for me to exhume the day’s events for my friends to consume.

What with Facebook and Twitter and my general gaining a social life, I felt no need to carry that on. But then something odd happened. Well, today happened. I bombarded Twitter with tweets about a subject which I think will be my 2nd post, just to get the ball rolling, a day waiting at home for BT to come and install me a broadband connection. They didn’t show up.

I’ve got really into Twitter lately and it has become apparent that even with my best efforts, I struggle to make my tweets sound the way I want them to. It’s a realisation that I clearly feel the need to share stuff with the world but can’t bear chopping away all the expressive words, all the time. So here’s the happy place where I may occasionally offload some crud that’s been festering in my head.

It’s a struggle to use Twitter for ‘Work’ also. Partly, this is because I’m not an outspoken type in my industry – I like to think I’m “Behind the Scenes” observing and taking notes – but also because I don’t like the supposed authority I might look like I have, especially not without a Blog to back it up! Again, this Blog came about because for the last week I’ve been gagging to share an observation about the new Google Instant and literally had nowhere I felt comfortable offloading my thoughts if I’m not in control of the content. Ha ha.

Putting aside my narcissism and megalomania, I’m not looking to drive traffic, or indeed make money out of this. For now anyway. This is just a place I can be less salesman and more Blogger, which is refreshing.

If you’re somewhat of a nosey bastard, take a look at my about page for some more info about me.

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